How to Personalize your Sales Emails

Do you want to add more value to your prospective customer by treating them like a human, and not just a name on a list? Most marketers find it a challenge when it comes to personalizing sales emails that suit each and every prospective customer’ needs and goals. In most cases you will not even get a single response and worst yet, some prospects may even spam you. But don’t worry anymore! This blog post will help you out.

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2017 – Current SEO Trends on Google

Did you know that websites that aren’t mobile-optimized had an average of 5% decline in organic traffic? Well, this is just one of the many current SEO factors that are changing the playing field.

SEO has greatly changed and will keep on changing. Google gives multiple SEO updates each year including Penguin which identified the rewarding of high-quality websites as a core algorithm. Here is a look at some of the SEO trends to keep in perspective.

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What B2B Marketing Can Learn from Netflix

Netflix is one of the very few companies which have led the growth of an entire industry. Netflix has not only taken the lead in dominating the world’s entertainment scene on screens and homes but also runs a huge library with original, quality and licensed movies and TV shows. All these are seamlessly integrated via simple technology. 

By the end of 2016, Netflix had 93.8 million subscribers from close to 200 countries. This was an additional 20 million subscribers from the previous year! It is now nearing 100 million subscribers. You can be sure that behind this entertainment giant, there are definitely some savvy content marketing minds that B2B marketers in the industry would do well to learn from.

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A Closer Look: How Inbound Sales Works for B2B Companies

With the internet making information and purchasing options readily available to consumers, the shopping experience has become easy and adventurous, just at the click of a button. And because information is power, then we could allude to the fact that power has shifted away from B2B sales people to consumers. This paradigm shift also spells increased competition and noise in the industry.

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How to Improve Your Customer Acquisition via Service Marketing

As a service provider, customer acquisition presents you with an entirely new set of challenges, as compared to traditional manufacturers. Your service is much less tangible, and hence the potential customer has to be approached in innovate ways. Below are five tips for how you as a service provider can go about customer acquisition: which marketing strategies work – and which ones don't.

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Here’s How to Perfect Content Creation and Drive Performance

Are you having problems with generating the right leads or converting your existing leads into sales? There is no arguing that most businesses are struggling on this end and one of the solutions to this problem is defining your content creation strategy.

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Here’s a 360-Degree View of Social Media and B2B Sales

As a B2B professional, how many times have you shared the more technical aspects of your brand with fellow professionals on LinkedIn or maybe created a YouTube channel for your company? Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are no longer just for B2C marketing but B2B marketers are also coming in for a share of the pie. 

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The Best Strategy of Knowing Your Customer: Target Group vs. Buyer Personas

Did you know that winning and innovative marketers take their time to thoroughly research on their customers? So, who buys your product, and have you tried listing down the key relevant characteristics of your buyers? How long is your list?

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The 8 Steps to Being Successful With Inbound Campaigns

You know how it goes: you come up with a great campaign, invest lots of time, energy, creativity into it… then, as soon as it hits the big wide world, your thoughts are being drawn towards the next item on your to-do list, and everyday business distracts you from following through on your campaign. Many initially thought-up concepts get stuck half way through, like returning calm after a fireworks display. In order to not allow that to happen, and to get the best out of your campaign, here is an overview of the eight essential steps comprising each and every (inbound) campaign:

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Make Your Marketing Masterful: 5 Webinars to Learn the Art of Inbound

Marketing is great for business. But what if new marketing techniques could save you endless hours and money over other marketing approaches? The times of cold calling, and print ads are over, your customers are online, and purchasing in a globalized world has taken on new dimensions.

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