Social Selling – What is it in 2018

With statistics showing  that 90% of decision makers no longer respond to cold calls or emails and that a typical B2B buying process has 5.4 decision makers involved, B2B brands need to find a new way to get buyers attention. Furthermore, today’s buyers are far more sophisticated in their purchasing cycles than ever before. There is so much information, data, and product reviews at everyone’s fingertips and this has made the selling process much more complex.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn – the Ultimate Guide for B2B Marketing

There is definitely a reason why Fortune 500 companies are keen on LinkedIn marketing more than any other social media platform out there. LinkedIn is proving to be the king of B2B marketing with studies showing that 80.33% of B2B leads are generated from LinkedIn. Furthermore, 50% of members on LinkedIn report that they are more likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn unlike other social media platforms and not to mention that there are more than 450 million users on LinkedIn.

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Kick-Start Your 2018 Marketing

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when some people start realizing their new year resolutions while others continue to spend their weekends in overfilled malls to return unwanted Christmas presents. For marketers, however, this is one of the most valuable times of the year, because of two reasons (unfortunately, none of them related to skiing): Firstly, it is the perfect time to evaluate the past business year. Secondly, it prompts us to think about the new year – more specifically, about the business goals we want to achieve in 2018.

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The Best Digital Sales Channel Strategies for 2018

The past few years have seen the birth of various technologies such as Big Data/Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), AR/VR, the blockchain technology, etc. which are reinventing the digital marketing space and setting standards especially when it comes to maintaining a competitive edge. And as a result, any contemporary business owner come 2018 must acknowledge and embrace the various digital marketing strategies as a vital element of success. Peter Drucker, the king of business consulting, once said, “The business enterprise has only two basic functions: marketing and innovation- they produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.” This truth should inspire all teams to put their best foot forward digitally in 2018. The digital sales channel space is oversaturated with sales tips and tricks. This article presents proven, simple steps critical for success of digital sales channel strategies for 2018 and beyond.


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Improve Your Employer Branding – Build a Personalized Career Page

Did you know that 80% of talent and HR managers attribute the ease of recruiting top talents to a great brand? Owing to the fierce competition for talents in the recruitment industry, the goal posts have equally shifted from perfect resumes and work experience on the part of potential candidates, to employers branding their organizations as the best place to work. In view of the spirited competition, there is need to seek ways to improve employer branding. And especially now that online recruiting is becoming the order of the day, and with job seekers refusing to apply for jobs in companies they don’t know or trust, every effort to build and improve career pages must be put in place.

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Why to Start Your Marketing 2018 with Storytelling

With every business exerting efforts to increase brand awareness, storytelling has emerged as an effective way of marketing brands. By including real-life stories, your business can compel customers to make the purchase or commitment that you desire.  Furthermore, such stories tend to compel customers by appealing to their emotional senses. This is a strategy commonly used by many large sized businesses such as Airbnb.

This article seeks to look into some of the benefits of storytelling and examples of companies that are using this strategy.

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Looking to Improve your Recruitment in 2018? Use Inbound Recruiting!

"The biggest category of mistakes we've made is in hiring. Over the past 11 years, bad hires cost the company well over $100 million dollars."-  Tony Hsieh, Zappos.

Finding the right person (top talent) to fill in a position is critical for any organization's future. According to a study by LinkedIn on global recruiting trends 2016, "39% of talent leaders agree that the quality of hire is the most valuable metric for performance."  Even if you are a Fortune 500 company, you need top talent to grow your brand. In fact, did you know that business leaders globally site hiring top talent as a leading concern?

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What Is an Inbound Marketing Agency and Why Is It the Best

What is an inbound marketing agency and do you need one? 

The overall objective of every business is to trade more products or services and increase its profits. No matter how good a company product or service is if customers are not aware of it, it is pretty much done; target customers need to be aware of the good offering you have.

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The Perfect LinkedIn Company Profile

LinkedIn offers businesses and professionals the opportunity to tap into a 380 million professional member market-base with 4 million company pages. Did you know that  80% of B2B marketers find sales/business leads on LinkedIn? If not, then this  article is perfect for you, because it seeks to illustrate how you can benefit from all these immense opportunities on LinkedIn. You are set to learn a lot about LinkedIn marketing and Social Media Marketing. Start by creating your company profile and follow through to get a perfect LinkedIn company profile, one step at a time.

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Inbound Sales vs. Outbound Sales – What Is the Best Strategy for B2B

Traditionally, the whole concept of sales involved tactics such as ads, direct mails, trade shows, email blasts, cold calling, among other activities; some would consider these tactics as intrusive in today’s day and age. But considering the technological advancements and today’s informed customer, inbound sales strategies quickly became buzzwords in daily conversation.

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